“A one pass machine that incorporates clay and sand to make unproductive land viable. Delving, Spading, Shut the Gate!”

Jason Burton


“We are farmers on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Our soil type is sandy loam over clay with a gravel seam in between. The gravel seam is acidic and high in aluminium which has retarded root growth and left available sub-soil moisture post harvest.

We have implemented a liming program for many years, however the lime was not penetrating past the top soil. We are now in our fourth season of deep ripping and spading, and have had significant results with increased consistent crop yields on average 30% and above even during a dry spring. Last year with the advantage of a wet spring the yield increase rose to another level.”

Graeme and Katrina Charlton


“Over the years my sand plain had become increasingly non wetting and was costing yield.

I realised if I did nothing it would not be profitable to crop some of my sand .    I visited a couple of farmers who were spading and moulboarding  and decided that spading was the best option for me. So I purchased a Farmax spader.

There were immediate benefits of up to 40% better germination in the worst non wetting soils. After spading I have seen a slight increase in the ph levels at depth, and with the stubbles being incorporated they have broken down much more quickly.”

Mark Johnson, Northampton WA


“Over the past 2 years we have spaded over 6000 ha with fantastic results.

Spading has certainly revolutionised our farming system.

Getting the soil right first is a must, and doing this has given us the confidence to grow big crops in our high rainfall area.”

Con Murphy, Warakirri Cropping, WA 2017


“After clay spreading 1500 ha of non wetting sand we wanted to incorporate that clay to 30 plus cms. The Farmax spader fitted the bill to do this. Results look quite promising, lupins in year 2 were 1 ton better than a comparable paddock. The wheat on there this year is very encouraging.

We added a seed box to the spader this year and carried out trials with it this year.”

Trevor Cliff    Kimba  SA


“Our non wetting poorer soils have definitely improved a lot after adding clay and mixing it well 300mm deep with our Farmax Spader. The spading and seeding in one pass is impressive.”

Gilly Esperance  WA


“While looking at methods to help improve the non-wetting and unproductive soil areas on our property we came across the Farmax Spader. Through a series of trials over a period of several years we have come to appreciate how valuable this piece of machinery is, increasing yields by up to .8-1tonne per hectare, reducing soil erosion and in general improving the structure of the soil.”

Rex and Corey Glass