Welcome to Farmax Spaders

The Farmax spader is a digging machine which mixes soil thoroughly to a depth of 200 – 400mm incorporating clay, stubble, green manure, fertilizer and / or trace elements.

***Thank you to those who visited us at either Lucindale Field Days or Karoonda Farm Fair in the past few weeks. Please contact us if you have any more questions about the Farmax Spader. 

At Site 123 Lucindale Field Days

Lucindale Field Days 17 March 2017

A new video showing green manuring has been uploaded, please take the time to have a look at as well as all our videos.

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“While looking at methods to help improve the non-wetting and unproductive soil areas on our property we came across the Farmax Spader. Through a series of trials over a period of several years we have come to appreciate how valuable this piece of machinery is, increasing yields by up to .8-1tonne per hectare, reducing soil erosion and in general improving the structure of the soil.”
Rex & Corey Glass