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The Farmax spader is a digging machine which mixes soil thoroughly to a depth of 200 – 400mm incorporating clay, stubble, green manure, fertilizer and / or trace elements.

Lots of interest in the Farmax Spader at Dowerin Field Days

Lots of interest in the Farmax Spader at Dowerin Field Days

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“We are farmers on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Our soil type is sandy loam over clay with a gravel seam in between. The gravel seam is acidic and high in aluminium which has retarded root growth and left available sub-soil moisture post harvest.

We have implemented a liming program for many years, however the lime was not penetrating past the top soil. We are now in our fourth season of deep ripping and spading, and have had significant results with increased consistent crop yields on average 30% and above even during a dry spring. Last year with the advantage of a wet spring the yield increase rose to another level.”

– Graeme and Katrina Charlton