When is it best to use a spader?

When is it best to use a spader?

  • For clay mixing

After the clay has been spread on the top of the ground the Farmax spader can incorporate it through the topsoil to a depth of 400mm. This will be done when it is dry and therefore there will be a reasonable about of dust.


Spading delved ground

Click here for a YouTube video of a Farmax spader mixing clay

  • For bringing up the clay within working depth

After the break of the season when there is sufficient soil moisture to the depth you are working the Farmax spader can bring up some clay that is lying within that working depth. Spading can mix the clay thoroughly through the profile of spaded soil. There will be minimal or no dust during this process.

  • For bringing up the deep clay

If the original clay is deeper than the spader depth it is recommended to either pre-rip or delveĀ beforehand. After leveling it is then suggested to spade at 30 – 40 degrees to the rip lines to ensure an even mix of soil and clay across the rip lines to the depth of the spading.

  • For green manuring

The Farmax spader can be used to incorporate green manure into the soil 400mm deep when there is sufficient moisture in the soil. See below for an example with a photo or YouTube video.


Green Manuring in Vetch and Rye

Click here for a YouTube video of a Farmax spader incorporating green manure