Rapide 300 and 400

Rapide 300 and 400

A Farmax spader mixes soil thoroughly to a depth of 200-400mm incorporating clay, stubble, green manure, fertilizer and/or trace elements.

Bolt on spades allow easier replacement and the bolts give some shearpin protection.

P1080698-croppedStandard with PTO slip clutch and finger tyne roller.

Depending on the soil type or desired result, the Farmax 300 and 400 can be fitted with a rotovator cage roller or flat roller to produce a perfect seed bed.

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Farmax Rapide 300

Technical data

Working width 3.00m 4.00m
Number spades 24 30
Weight 2940kg 3500kg
Power 160 – 200 Hp
119 – 149 kw
200 – 300 Hp
149 – 224 kw
Capacity Up to 1.8 ha/h Up to 2.4 ha/h
Working depth 200 – 400 mm 200 – 400 mm
PTO rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
Finger tyne roller 400 mm 400 mm

Videos of the Farmax Spader

Below there are links to videos of the Farmax Spader on YouTube.